Mr Sheehan Achieves eduCCateGlobalâ„¢ Climate Change Teacher Status

Mr Sheehan has been working hard to become Prosper Learning Trust’s United Nations Institute for Training and Research (UNITAR) accredited eduCCateGlobal™ Climate Change Teacher.  He had to completed five mandatory courses to achieve the accreditation:

  • Children & Climate Change
  • Human Health & Climate Change
  • Cities & Climate Change
  • Gender & Environment
  • International Legal Regime of Climate Change

eduCCate Global is a joint partnership with the United Nations Institute for Training and Research (UNITAR) to develop and deliver climate change education programs and UN recognised climate change teachers for every school in the world.

Why Climate Change Education?

More than 7 billion people are at risk from the adverse consequences of Climate Change, and many of our planet’s
inhabitants are set to face increasing pressures as a result of the degradation in environmental conditions. Education is a fundamental requirement to understand the issues and solutions to the emergency we face.

Without action, the world will fail to meet the UN Sustainable Development Goals and the Paris Agreement.

How Does it Work?

The eduCCate Global climate change education program integrates a number of key learning and curriculum components to ensure that lead teaching staff can deliver timely and professional environmental cross-curricular material to their students. Rather than forcing timetable changes, we encourage an integrated cross-curricular approach which emphasises placing climate knowledge inside the subject matter in an engaging way.

With Climate Change Teachers already in more than 11,000 Schools, we support teachers in delivering more than 2000 cross-curricular climate curriculum Lessons, all based on the current school curriculum. We place Climate Change Literacy at the core of these lessons, and deliver it all via the eduCCate Global Platform.  Children also teach children throughout the world about Climate Change, sustainability, the SDGs and the green economy in the context of their communities.  The depth and scope of the project is only possible through the collaborative partnership between the teachers, parents, children, communities and of course headteachers.

Well done Mr Sheehan!