Where Did All the Animals Go?

Where Did All the Animals Go?

The founder of the project is the artist Jane Lee McCracken. Jane is creating an exhibition of children’s drawings of endangered species at the Great North Museum, Hancock, Newcastle upon Tyne. She is working with schools in the UK as well as with outreach schools in Guyana, California, Kenya and Malaysia.

Jane has had a meeting with Becky Neillis, Departmental Education Coordinator at the GNCH, for Newcastle Bridges School and Gill Wrigglesworth, one of our Art teachers. Jane explained the project’s aim was to educate through the artwork compassion for and conservation of all wildlife.  

Jane works with biro (ballpoint pen). She explained that the children should draw their picture of an animal of their choice using biro, as large as possible on the paper provided. They should not trace or use pencils or rulers. Jane did not want any backgrounds included as the focus was to be on the animal and the emotional connection created with all who see the drawings. The lack of background indicates the disappearance of the animal’s habitat.

Gill and the patients have worked enthusiastically to produce their wonderful artwork for the exhibition.

Gilll, (above) is delighted with the patients’ work. Jane, the artist, has now collected their pieces. She too was amazed at their talent.  I think you will agree the drawings are excellent. 

The exhibition is free and runs from 1st July 2021 until 5th September 2021at the Great North Museum: Hancock, Newcastle upon Tyne. All are welcome.