World Smile Day 1st October 2021

World Smile Day 1st October 2021

The teachers and students at the GNCH celebrated World Smile Day on Friday 1st October. They discussed what makes them smile. The students were happy to create posters and smile for the camera!

We have a display of their lovely work in our classroom.

Doritos make students smile! Computer games, dinosaurs, spiders and sharks are on the list. Favourite bands, parents, nurses and other people laughing.  One student said sunshine made her smile. 

A final photo shows the smiling teachers, (they are smiling under their masks!) on World Smile Day, a non-uniform day! They donated money to Smile Train, a charity that helps support training for medical professionals across the world, who then treat children with cleft lip and palate.

Many thanks to parents who also donated to the charity.

We hope we have made you smile when reading this article!